SQL Server Availability Impact on BigBox – Non yielding Resource Monitor after changing NUMA-NODE Processor Affinity causes instance to failover

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Change NUMA-Node Processor Affinity is an online operation that can be done without causing downtime but I have experienced that it can lead to bring an instance offline if the resource monitor takes long time to free memory and keeps generating Mini-Dumps, at #51 it will bring the instance offline.

Started to have Non yielding Resource Monitor after changing NUMA-Node Processor Affinity in a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP1-CU5) instance.

Looking at each stack for threads which have a time > than the Time the NUMA-Node change was done there is a thread that keeps increasing User Mode Time with the following stack, that is related with freeing physical pages:

Think twice about changing NUMA-Node Processor Affinity if your instance isn’t using large page allocations TF834 , activating this flag will change code path and make use of LargePageAllocator 


Paulo Condeça.

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