The need for having something palpable when managing data/ sql/ private cloud

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First of all, I hope I can provide some degree of inspiration @ your DIY in the next minute!

Living is becoming more and more virtual, stuff around us like simple buttons are being replaced by touch and we are surronded by screens… So to be honest I had a need to build something that at the same time has some sense of utility but also combine mechanical parts + electronics + data and since I believe I’m not the only one with the same feelings, I just decided to share this project:

From a technical perspective, this will cover Arduino NanoServo 9GC/C++ and Powershell… And lets not forget, sense of humour (building a papel dashboard with postit)!

All the code samples are @ and are quite straightforward to follow and practice.

As stated by Confucious “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” So give it a try and get that hardware in motion 🙂 ! I will leave with a suggestion… Check if there are any blocked processes in any critical LOB SQL Server instance.

Have fun & all the best,

Paulo Condeça

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