About Paulo Condeça

Always under development 🙂

Paulo Condeça

After working for more than a decade, including 4 years in Microsoft Corporation in the SQL Server world (Performance/ HighAvailability/ DisasterRecovery/ Design/ Development/ Administation/ Training), I decided to provide consultancy services.
I’m particulary interested on performance and architecure/ scalability challenges.

SQL Server Database Specialist.

Senior DBA/ Arquitect/ Developer – Interested in relational VLDB design/ arquitecture/ implementation/ performance & tuning using MS-SQL Server both on-premises or cloud-based.

Always interested in DB Migration/Consolidation/High Availability/ETL & Tuning projects.

Specialties: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008/2012/2014 Database Arquitect – Clustering, DSR, Data Warehousing, Partitioning, ETL, SSIS, DB/T-SQL Tuning/Internals & Development.

Microsoft Windows Server Systems Design & Implementation.
Automation & Monitoring with VBS/WMI/WSH/WSQL.

.NET Development with C#.

Strong focus on results, I am a problem solver by nature that is able to work under stress.
Recognition & Challenges are my fuel.

You can reach me at paulo@citen.net & +351 961 339 499

Jung Typology Test:
Personality type : E N T J (2 % of World Population)
Extraversion = 44 %
Intuition = 11 %
Thinking =44 %
Judging = 11 %


Snapshot :
Stable, relaxed, calm, secure, optimistic, reliable, efficient, fun.

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