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The interesting case where DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP started to require a DB (x) Lock for some DBs after storage migration (SQL2014)

I was quite puzzled with a situation that happened recently and i find it interesting to share, well it could help someone in the same or similar situation that have bypassed this issue by using DB Snapshots (run integrity checks againts those same snapshots, among other approaches)… Basically, what started to happen after migration, was

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Exotic Troubleshooting in SQL Server Transactional Replication on *very* busy Subscribers + WindDbg + WPR & WPA

Hello again! 3 conditions need to be true for me to write something, 1st is having a little bit of spare time,the 2nd is to write about something that nobody hasn’t really blogged about (my search skillz might not be that 1337) and inspire at least one person to learn something new and stimulate curiosity. Moving forward to

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