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Exotic Troubleshooting in SQL Server Transactional Replication on *very* busy Subscribers + WindDbg + WPR & WPA

Hello again! 3 conditions need to be true for me to write something, 1st is having a little bit of spare time,the 2nd is to write about something that nobody hasn’t really blogged about (my search skillz might not be that 1337) and inspire at least one person to learn something new and stimulate curiosity. Moving forward to

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Ninja Troubleshooting- User Interface freezing during SQL Server database restore

Hello world 🙂 To sum up, i was working with one of my customers regarding the UI (User Interface) freezing while restoring (Symantec NetBackup) a database into SQL Server 2012, leading to a unresponsive behavior from the server. Scenario (VMware guest – WS2012R2): Started with gathering performance counters to jump into the analysis and even though

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