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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Azure, building an Highly Available SQL Server(FCI) with S2D+SOFS & Disaster Recovery(AG) in multiple Datacenters

*1337 Tech alert: Azure, IaaS, IaC, SQL Server, AlwaysOn AG/FCI, Networking, Clustering, VPN Vnet2Vnet, S2D, SOFS, Load Balancers, Health Probes… Helloooo! Besides SQL Server 🙂 On of my current professional personal pet projects is around Azure, I always liked Infrastructure/ networking related stuff; actually I was a SysAdmin back in 2004 managing stuff from DCs to Exchange,

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Future: Leveraging Windows Server 2016 S2D with SQL Server 2016 to build hyper-converged clusters for the “Automated Datacenter” | Cloud/OnPremises

Hello! With the release of Windows Server 2016 and the “great/awesome/fabulous feature” storage spaces direct(S2D) that has the concept of leveraging local storage to build a “virtual-san”, with different storage type from SAS/SSD/NVMe to generate different storage tiers/caching that can be both applicable on the cloud and on premises, this is game changer for SQL,

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World Wide Distributed SQL Server Service Broker Instances + C# Dev + Azure Service Bus-EventHub + Stream Analytics + Scale-Out Challenge

Hello! As a frequent flyer I like to sleep on the airplane but since sleep is overrated and I’m in a long term relationship with Data Platforms 🙂 , I decided to write about one of the projects that I’m working on. Can’t disclosure all the details about it (NDA kicking in…), but I can

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